Mergely: Online Diff/Merge tool

I was working with a couple of HTML files which were almost identical in structure other than a few Razor(C# Template) Changes. I don’t have any diff tool installed. Instead of installing one I preferred to get some online Diff tool for the purpose. I came across a few which were pretty well but I found Mergely much better than others. The best thing I found in it that it does not only let you find line difference but also let you merge them smartly and efficiently. On top of that  it’s free! Do give it a try

One Comment

  • Laur

    I’d like to suggest another diff checking tool: Line Diff – it computes the diff between two text/code snippets and displays it side-by-side or line-by-line in a github like manner. Diffs can also be stored and accessed at a later time. And the Merge tool, is similar to Mergely.