Holiday Offer: I will create FREE app for you

Everyone is enjoying holidays and festivals. On such a joyful occasion, I am offering a Free offer to build your next app. It could be anything; a website, a browser extension, some desktop tool.


Why am I doing this?

I make software for a living and have worked for people around the globe. Sometimes, people hesitate to contact you because of a lack of money or something else. An idea popped up in my mind to address such people or anyone else. You send your query and I will respond to you accordingly.


So what kind of stuff I can’t do?

  • Despite my utter wish, I am not a good UI/UX designer. Maybe someday but not at the moment. I can integrate themes/design but can’t make it.
  • C/C++ :/
  • iOS:-  My Mac is quite ancient and did not bother to update OS > 6.


Is it really FREE?

Yes, I won’t ask you a penny. If you want to pay yourself after work then fine otherwise I won’t demand you anything. I will put in serious effort like I do on my paid work and will hand it over to you. You use it or discard it, it’s up to you. My aim is to make you happy.

Profile Please!!

Sure, you may visit my profile here.

Umm OK, I am interested, how do I contact you?

Just send an email to I will respond to you accordingly. This offer is valid till 10th Jan 2024 that is, I will be accepting inquiries till 10th of Jan, 2015. There’s NO Guarantee that I will accept every project purely due to the nature of the work or timeframe.