Promote Your Products

You are visiting this page which means you run a business related to software: SAAS, downloadable tools/utilities, mobile, enterprise software, whatever!

The main theme of this blog is related to technology but not limited to it. Most of the visitors are either individual developers, employees of tech companies or founders/business owners. I do not claim to have millions of visitors per month but they are quality visitors for sure.

There are different ways you can promote your product(s) on this blog by paying a very less amount:

  • Guest Post:- You already know what are you up to and willing to share your story in the form of a blog post which includes a link to your product. Your written post is shared on the blog with all due credits and your product link. Developers/Designers etc can also participate as guest post writers. Some of the guest posts can be checked here.
  • Product Posts by Me:- You share your product details via email, I will explore your product and if I find it interesting I will write about it on my own blog with a referral link to your product. If you do not own have a referral system in place then I will charge a minimum fixed amount for the post per month. Scraper API had contacted me a few months back and with the help of my posts, they able to get a recurring business of $5K and this is just the beginning.
  • Banners:- There are two different kinds of banners; impression wise or referral wise. I will put up your banner on my blog which either can be tracked via referral system or a minimum fixed amount per week or month till the banner is up.

My personal recommendation would be blog posts over traditional banners. Nobody loves traditional Ads anymore. Everyone now wants to hear a story, a story that tells the solution to their problems with your product(s). Besides, blog posts are loved by Google. Chances are someone google a keyword related to your product and he lands on the post discussing your product. This model is working well for others who opted for blog posts.

Sounds interesting? Good! Now do not waste a time and let’s start a discussion. Send me and email here and I will try to respond you ASAP.