You are not living your moments

Do you remember the last time you noticed the color of leaves of a near by tree or the texture of your road? Can you recall the wall color of your room? Heck! Do you even notice the dish while eating?

We invest money to buy gadgets to make our lives difficult and after some time we invest money to revert back to simple life. How stupid we are.

Problem is, we think we are indispensable thus believe that we have to take care of everything NOW. In reality this is not true at all. If we can’t allocate some time for ourselves then it’s not possible we would be able to do something for others.

Someone might ask, “What should I do to enjoy the moment I am living?”. Well pretty simple, just allocate sometime for yourself. It’s not difficult at all. Just find 2 minutes in 24 hours in which you are not thinking about your past or future. Notice random things, the color of your dress, the color of Sky or taste of stuff you are eating. If you can meditate for 2 minutes then it’s much better. In short, those moment should belong to YOU and YOU only. Initially it would be difficult but when you get used to of it you will automatically feel change in yourself. Try it. A two minutes investment is not bad at all.