How to remove local git branches?

If you are working on a project having lots of feature branches, you’d like to remove all of once your deployment is done and all feature branches merge into master.  Following simple command can help you to get rid of them.

Here DB- is prefix of your feature branch. So, if you have branches […]

Laravel: How to avoid redirecting to home after login?

If you are working on a Laravel 5.1 based project and using Auth class for authentication purpose, chances are you would have faced issue of redirecting to home after login. While docs say that you can override the behaviour by setting the $redirectedPath value. Thing is it will still not work. After wasting a reasonable […]

Tool to make inline CSS

If you are going to send a CSS based HTML mail aka Email Templates, chances are you are embedding CSS in <style> tag and end up having a bad experience of not having a properly rendered page. The issue is that web clients like Gmail etc strip markup tags. Specially <head><script> and <style> for security […]

Templates in Laravel 5

This post is part of LxD Series in which I share my learning process about different technologies. Learn more about LxD here. Ok you saw earlier the design we are going to use for our application. Now it’s time to integrate that design in our Laravel 5 application. Before I go further, let me tell directory structure of […]

LxD Series: Laravel Basics

Before we dive into coding Laravel based app, let’s learn what’s it all about. Laravel is an MVC based framework for rapid PHP based web application development. MVC(Model-View-Controller) is a design pattern used to write softwares. It consist of three parts: Model: This component deals with data and it’s manipulation. Usually you deal with database(RDBMS,NoSQL) […]

LxD Series: Initial Laravel App design

I am extremely sorry. It took me a while to make this post. I got totally engaged in other things that made me to stay away from this. I am making this post, as a filler to end inertia. ٰIn previous post I discussed how to install and configure Laravel. In this post I am sharing […]

LxD Series: Starting Laravel 5

    Hello I am back after l00Ong time!! The next thing I am going to cover after AngularJS in LxD series is Laravel 5. I am specifically mentioning 5 because it has been released last month and Laravel 4 or L4 is already in use by various organizations and developers. Laravel 5 has gone […]

LxD Series: Using $http for AJAX

So this is the last post related to AngularJS in LxD Series in today I am covering one of the most basic aspect of SPAs that is, interacting with backend systems. Angular comes with $http object that does something what many of us have been doing with $post/$get/$ajax methods of jQuery. Let’s jump into the […]

LxD Series: $scope and Controllers

I learnt a few basics of AngularJS here and here and now I am making a giant leap and implementing first screen of our Ng Addressbook which will look like this: So let’s get into it. In this post we are going to discuss some important concept of Angular called Scope. A scope is a JS […]