Here I will be adding feedback given by my clients.


I hired Adnan and worked with him on several of my projects. On one project he converted the server side of a large ColdFusion application to python. I found him to be smart, capable and a good communicator. He also developed some e-commerce server side scripts for me in python. I then recommended him to replace me at the e-commerce job. He was hired there was kept busy for about one year. I recommend Adnan as a qualified and experienced programmer for your projects.

Dan Kelly
Wytcom Custom Software

Can’t say enough about Adnan. He wrote a Python script for us in a tight timeline, happily dealt with our technical inaptitude, and was there for constant support if something did not work.

He was a dedicated worker, and was one of the better communicators I have ever worked with.

I will most definitely hire him again, and give him my highest recommendation.

Alexander Prince


Can recommend Adnan, th guy knows what he is doing and doing it quickly
Very experienced in various programming languages, go for it

P.S. He did php app for me

Giorgi Pirtskhalava

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