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I just realized that this bog is up for more than five years. I was not so active in the first two years hence this blog did not generate much traffic. In 2016 I resumed and then I have been writing since then. Oh by the way this blog is not my first attempt though as I have written  in past as well. 

So far I have written 99% of these posts(quite obvious, right?) but I am the person who loves to share the knowledge I have and so far I am successful. Today I am (re)opening this platform for everyone who wants to share his/her creativity.

This is not a secret anymore that blogging/content-based marketing got more attention in recent years than anything else. Plain old conventional advertisement does not work anymore, even over the web because people hate it, plus, Adblockers are freely available thus companies and individuals are not able to send their messages to the target audiences. People love stories and blogs provide the most effective and cheapest way to tell the story of your products.

This platform can be utilized by two groups. You are a:

  • Solo professional:- programmer, designer, marketer, etc, etc but you don’t have or can’t afford to set up a platform to promote yourself. You only have a LinkedIn profile or a downloadable. Both do not work most of the time due to its outreach. Now you have an opportunity to promote your skills on this blog, it does not matter how good you are at English, we are not appearing in an English skills test, Okay? What actually matters is your core skill which you want to share. Read my post here why traditional resumes are not gonna work anymore.
  • A business owner:  You own a technical business but you do not have enough budget to hire a marketing guy or any other issue. You can use my blog platform to promote your product. You may either write yourself as a Guest Blogger or ask me to review and write about your product. Both will work. So whether you are running a SAAS business, some download/web-based enterprise software or sell some developer related tools or libraries, an SEO or marketing/growth hacking agency, you all are welcome to use my blog platform to reach more people.

Why should I write for your blog?

Good question. The best is that you write on your own and on your own platform but not many people get enough courage to do it for various personal and monetary reasons. I am providing you a platform to reach out to many people. I do not claim to get a million visitors per month but I guarantee you that my visitors are quality visitors. Take a look at a month’s stats of my blog:

As you can see, I am getting around ~10k hits/month and its been gradually increasing. Also, ~70% of the traffic is organic, that is, people search something which is found on my blog thus no fake methods to gain traffic. Needless to say,  this blog not only helped me to get my current job but also some cool lucrative gigs as well which helped me to work on some interesting problems.

OK, sounds cool but, is it free?

No, fortunately not. Consider it an investment instead of a liability or spending but this offer is so cheap that often times you’d spend more money in your one time meal. I am planning to charge $5- $10 per article from individuals or solo professionals and $25-$35 from businesses. You can post upto 5 articles per month. If you plan to do more than monthly plans at low rates are also available.

How does it work?

  • As a solo professional, you will share the topic with me via email. If it matches the theme of this blog or has not been discussed earlier than I will ask you wrote your post on Google docs and share it with me. If it is approved then you will have to transfer amount either via Paypal or other means in advance. I will send you the invoice for it. Once done, your post will appear on the blog. You will also be asked to share your existing profile/resume/Github/dribble, whatever, that helps to get leads, so I can publish the article with full attribution(Check an example guest post here). Do remember I will not write the post on your behalf, it is completely unethical as the purpose is to show off your skillset rather than mine.
  • As a business owner, you can either write a post yourself and ask me to just submit. If you do not have a writer available then you can ask me to review your product and write about it. In such cases, we can discuss some package that is beneficial for both parties.

Channels of Promotion

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, your content will be promoted on:

  • This blog
  • My Medium blog which is the mirror of this blog but has more outreach due to Medium’s own popularity.
  • Newsletter( Optional as it has separate charges)
  • Youtube(That’s the future plan and it’s also optional)

I will shut up now. If it all sounds interesting then send me an email here and I will try to respond to you ASAP. Do give it a try, I don’t force you to write for my blog, do try anywhere else, even on your platform, my intention is to give you exposure and if this platform can help you to kickstart then why not? later on, you can switch to your own platform, I will help you here as well.



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