Currently Reading – Chrome extension about social book reading


I love reading books, in fact lots of books. I’am sure many of you read books as well. Books on different topics and subjects help you to expand the horizon of knowledge and creativity. Often it happens that you extract an idea from a book and you give your own touch in it and produce a product which people love to use.

In the age of social media when people love to let others know about their daily activities by updating a status, it ‘s not surprising that there are such social sites available which let your friends know about what you’re reading. Goodreads is one of them which is kind of Facebook for Books.

A month and half back I got an idea to come up with a tool that let your email recipients know about your book reading habit. Lo and behold, Currently Reading came it being.

Currently Reading is actually a Chrome extension for Gmail that adds an entry in your existing signature about the book you’re reading.

How it Works?

Well, see yourself!

Currently Reading Steps

You search the book you’re reading, select it and it automagically appears in your email signature.

Go to  Currently Reading website to know further how to use it.

Happy Reading!!