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Hi, my name Adnan Siddiqi and I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I’m a computer engineer by profession and a graduate of SSUET. I have worked as a web developer in different organizations. Currently I’m working as an independent software consultant. Beside that I can also provide consultancy in product development, social media integration, generating new business models/ideas or even to write your next blog post or listening your problem :-

Usually I’m quite a friendly and caring person but on the other hand I’m not comfortable with those who try to be smart while they’re not. I’m quite an outspoken person and usually hypocrisy of others irritates me. I have a strong penchant for supporting and representing underdogs wherever I can. I am an INFP. Being an introvert is one of the key factors that keeps me away from various things that appear to be useless.


Alhamdolillah I’m happily married and have a 4 years old son named Maaz. MashaAllah he’s quite funny, intelligent and more tech savvy than his father. He actually taught me how to use player keys on Mac keyboard to rewind or forward a Youtube video. My wife is one of my mentors and most of the time her tips and suggestions benefited me on different occasions.

I love to read and read lots of things; be it a book, an online article or anything.

If you want to hire me for software consultancy, product/prototype development then simply drop me an email at kadnan@gmail.com

I am expecting to keep updating this page when needed.

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