GoCache: LRU Cache Implementation in Go

I got to know about Golang a year back and did write some toy programs in it while learning but then I gave up as I was not really enjoying despite liking Go language. It is very much like Python but with better performance because it’s compiled.

Recently I against wished to do something in Go. This time I did not want to go back to practice topic by topic. I rather thought to do some project and will learn whatever the stuff I need to get the thing done.

I have used Memcached in the past in PHP and really liked it so I thought to come up with a cache mechanism in Go. Upon learning I found out that Memcached has used the LRU cache technique. I had a couple of challenges:

  • Learning Go to do my stuff. Especially about structs, pointers, and maps.
  • Understanding LRU implementation.

It was not easy, but I pushed anyway to progress. I found a few implementations in Python and Java. I did not want to see any Go implementation as it could kill the entire purpose. After a month or so I was able to come up with an implementation consist of a couple of files.


lru.go consist of main implementation while gocached.go calls the stuff from lru.go along with initialization a socket server.

The code is pushed on Github. Some kind guy did a code review and came up with his own professional implementation which I merged in master.(The beautify of Opensource) therefore I dumped the original crappy code here. You are free to fork and play/improve it.

I am still a newbie but definitely, a great journey to learn something new, especially when we all are locked down.


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