Year 2017 : Keep Reading, Keep Writing and Keep Learning

The year 2016 is almost over. It’s time to take a break from typical technical posts and talks about what was done and what to be done.

2016 was the year I got involved in many new things, new in a sense that I had left them long time back and resumed again. I resumed blogging this year and 2016 is the year I was more active than yesteryears. I also started reading books, though I was not good at it but at least better than past. Here’s the list of books I read in 2016 plus a couple of Urdu books are not enlisted on Goodreads. I am targeting to double the figure in 2017, inshaAllah.

So, my year 2017 resolution is: Keep Reading, Keep Writing and Keep Learning

Let me elaborate them further.

Keep Reading

As I mentioned, I am willing to read more and more books. I am not going to limit myself to certain types of books. Usually technical, religious and business and self-help books are my favourites but I am going to push boundaries and planning to read books about philosophy, psychology, parenthood, history or any other that’s not related to profession. If you’re one of those who only reads programming related material, do give it a try. It will indirectly help in your career.

Keep Writing

I don’t only love reading, I love writing too and my personal blog is the best platform to exercise the liberty of exhibiting my writing skills. Writing helps you in many ways; it helps to shape up your decisions and articulate your thoughts. It also helps you to learn the language you’re using for writing. Seth Godin explains quite well why you should write daily. It’s not necessary that you share your writings with outer world. You can write privately as well. WordPress give you option to write privately by setting your blog private. Beside this blog I myself run a few private/anonymous blogs just for sake of purpose I mentioned above. Beside that, writing can help you to earn as well. I use my blog for writing tutorials as well. I was approached by a few people who read some of my blog post and wished to work with me. So, if you’re a professional, you should definitely share your knowledge with others.

Developing softwares is also kind of writing for developers. 2016 was also the year when my Github profile was very active. I am planning to make it more active by releasing my own open source softwares or participating in others. Again, if you’re a programmer, instead of polishing your text based resume you should pay attention to fill up your Github profile. Nobody cares anymore how good you have written your resume document.

Keep Learning




Learning is the great act of acquiring new knowledge and skills. When you learn something, you’re preparing yourself to try out new things. Even if you don’t try, you still gain knowledge about something you did not know earlier. Being a developer I am willing to continue new things in 2017 as well. My blog helps me to share my learning knowledge with others hence become an excuse of teaching others. I am all up to do more experiments in coming year as well and InshaAllah will be seeking for new skills and knowledge.

I shared a kind of sketch of what I am planning to do. They’re not goals, Goals are personal for the right reasons. And if you’re struggling to set your life vision and goals, you should attend the Strategic Vision Workshop by Timelenders, It’s conducted in Pakistan and Dubai. If you can make it, Go for it! after workshop you won’t be able to set vision and goals of yourself but your future generations o or even your country as well.

That’s it from my side. I wish you a very Happy year 2017

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