• Windows Desktop Applications Automation using AutoIt

    Guest Post by Ahmed Memon AutoIt is a language & framework to automate (mainly) Windows GUI application interactions. Though it has its own language but there are wrappers available for Python, C# etc too. This write-up target developer who want to automate Windows Desktop Applications but either do not know the right tool or want to enhance their skills using AutoIt. Just like with anything, there is either informed or amateur approach towards solving a problem. Developers who have never written Windows GUI applications will write AutoIt code that will depend too much on interactions with active GUI. While we can get maximum out of AutoIt when we rely less on…

  • Python Scrappers

    For different clients I have written various Python Scrappers BeautifulSoup library to fetch data from sites like NewEgg, Amazon, Rakuten (former Buy.com)

  • XBMC Plugin for Online Videos

    I developed an XBMC plug for a client that is installed on an Android based set-top box. It fetches Greek channels’ videos from various online video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc. Subscribed users are allowed to view videos after providing their credentials. The add-on itself is connected with remote server via REST APIs to retrieve/store data. The plugin has been built in Python. Below is the screen preview of the plugin.