LxD Series: Where to start?

A few days back I shared with you that I was planning to start a new learning series called LxD in which you and me will be learning different programming languages and technologies together so that we can’t only get experience but also can compete fast paced era of technology.

It’s 2015 now, the year I declared for myself Learning Year. I am planning to learn loads of technical and non-technical stuff in it. Learning is fun right?

I have been thinking of format that could be beneficial and effective. What I think we should learn 2 technologies per month or atleast 1 technology per month anyway. By the end of this year we should be able to know atleast 15 technologies that we can add on our resume or could use in our future projects.

For month of January I am willing to start from AngularJS, a Javascript based framework to create Single Page Applications and then we will move on to Laravel, a PHP based MVC Framework. There might be 8 to 10 posts per month but not sure.

What technology do you want to learn? Share by posting comments.

and last but not least, Happy New Year.

Happy Learning!

Join with me and let’s learn together!

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